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QR Codes are AWESOME - How You Could be Using them to Help Your Business

Do you ever see those clusters of tiny black squares out in the wild? Did you know they can do more than just link to a website?

Should you be using them for your business?

Probably so, and here's why!


What can they do?

A QR code is almost like having a clickable button in the real world. Users can scan it with their phone to make something cool happen. They can be exciting to use, and importantly, they are convenient. Here are some of the coolest actions they can perform.

  • Link to a Website: Their most well known usage, providing a link to a URL. You can link to your website Homepage, a specific page, or even a specific file or image located on a website.

  • Compose an Email: What?! That's right, you can make a QR code generate a pre-filled email with a recipient, subject, and an email body. All the user has to do is hit "Send".

  • Compose a Text Message: Like generating an email, you can generate a pre-filled SMS text message to a specific phone number. All the user has to do is hit "Send".

  • Add Contact to phone: Like a scannable business card. Add all your contact information to your clients phone with a simple scan of a QR code.

  • Connect to Wi-Fi: Simply scan the QR code to automatically connect to a Wi-Fi.

So, how could you be using them?

For Marketing

When people see something they like, and they want to remember it - they pull out their phone. Add a QR code to any marketing materials that your customers come in contact with (Banners, Vehicle Magnets, Yard Signs, Stickers) and it could be their shortcut to your website, your order form, your review page - your client list.

Links: You can't go wrong with a standard link. Route your customer to where you need them to be.

  • Your website

  • Facebook/IG or any social media

  • Google Review Page

  • Company Order Form

  • PDF Documentation for specific products

Emails or SMS: Imagine this, a potential customer sees "Get a quote today!" on the bottom of your sign, with a QR code next to it. They scan it, and their email app opens up with a message filled out to you or your team member.

Subject: "I'd like a quote!"
Message: "I'd love to find out more about your product, what can I do to get a quote today? Thanks!"

You just made your customer's life easier, and got their contact.

Add Contacts: Putting one on your business card is the most obvious choice for this type of QR code. Your client can scan it, and then lose the card. You'll be in their phone, and at their fingertips. You know who isn't there? Your competitors.

Connect to Wi-Fi: This one is a convenience, but it also makes your business appear modern & professional. A small sign in your waiting room that politely invites your customers to connect can really make a subconscious impression. While they're connected, a few other well placed QR codes could get them browsing products they didn't even know you offered.

For Production & Workflow

QR codes are huge time savers. If used creatively, they can be absolute game changers behind the scenes. Below are some suggestions, but look closely at your operation and think about what could help your team with daily tasks. Remember, QR code stickers can be put almost anywhere.

Links: Safety instructions, operation, or maintenance manuals could be accessible with a quick scan for employees working in a warehouse. Or maybe your salesperson would like to pull up complex datasheets to show potential clients.

Emails or SMS: Inventory running low in the office, or warehouse? Maybe you've only got a few ink cartridges left. Scan the custom QR code nearby to quickly send a pre-filled message to your purchasing department. Edit the quantity (XX) before sending.

Subject: "Inventory Request -  48A Toner Cartridge "
Email body: "Running low on 48A Toner in the shop. Units remaining - XX"

If you've got an item you re-order constantly, why not make a QR code that sends an email directly to your vendor?

So, how do you get a QR code?

There are many reputable online sources for generating QR codes, some are perfectly free, and some offer premium subscription options. We like (free).

If you need one for a product we're making, we can create it for you. But we do suggest making them yourself, if you'd like to continually tweak them.

Tips to Live by

  • Make sure your QR code is visible and can be easily scanned.

  • If it’s too small or blurry, it won’t work.

  • Test the QR code to make sure it works before you put it in use.

  • Make sure your links lead to mobile-friendly content.


Welcome to the future

Who knew how powerful those little black blocks could be?! These were just the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully you learned something here that you can use to help your business work smarter, and gain customers.

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