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Taking Pictures for Big Head Signs

Taking Pictures for Big Heads

Your celebration is coming up and you can't wait to surprise your loved one. Before we can immortalize their image, we need the right picture. Here are some tips for getting the best result. Get ready for a closeup!


NOTE - Old physical photos can be used, but they generally don't turn out very well. We prefer digital copies of modern photos.


Let's Do It!

Camera Settings - Check the settings on your phone or camera, make sure they are set to the highest quality. Sometimes they will be defaulted to low quality because small files are faster to send through texts or emails - that will lessen the quality of your print!

Lighting - Make sure there's plenty of light when you take your photo. Direct sunlight can be great but be careful, you don't want your subject squinting.

Hair - This isn't essential, but Big Head signs turn out best when the subject's hair is either short, pulled back, or behind their shoulders. We like to cut around the chin-line, because they're more fun to pretend with! If the subject has long hair hanging down, it can be tricky to get a natural looking cut.

Pose - Imagine you're taking their mugshot! They need their head straight up, facing forward. No slouching!

Camera Position - You want to look straight at your subject, nice and close. You want to avoid the need to crop, and having any visible perspective in your photo.

Take the Shot - Snap, snap! Easy-peasy.

Send it to us - Send us your original quality photos. NOT screenshots of them. If it's a big file - PERFECT!


Time to embarrass... err, surprise them!

These are going to be great. We'd love to see how the party went, send us some funny pictures! Tag us on Facebook!

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