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Chuck Coupland was born creative. Painting and drawing have always been important outlets for him. He's pursued Art in some way or another his entire life and he's never stopped developing his skills. Back at his old Job, everyone knew him as the artist and would tap his creativity. Oddjob after oddjob, he eventually found himself being asked to make signs. What started as a way to help support his wife and 5 kids, ended up turning into a full fledged career.

For a long time his focus was split between signs and custom paintwork. But in order to make Coupland Signs the best it could be, Signs had to take priority. That doesn't mean his unique art died. For the past few years he's been able to focus his free time on that art. Now he paints what he wants, when he wants. That freedom has reignited his passion. You can view more of his art at

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