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Quick Tips for Vehicle Magnet Installation & Care

So you've just received your awesome new magnets that boast your brand or message to the world. They look incredible. What's next? Magnets... How do they work?!


Hang on just a minute!

WAIT - Don't apply magnets to a vehicle that are curled, bent or folded. Flatten them out first using gentle heat (the Sun), some time, and a nice flat surface.

ALSO - Doors and panels on some vehicles are not made of steel. Magnets will not work on aluminum or plastic surfaces.


Let's get them on

Locate the perfect surface - Magnetic signs prefer flat surfaces, or only gently curved ones. Also, you'll want the magnets to be nice and visible. So don't put them too low to the ground. Do not plan to place over protrusions (molding, badging, etc.). They will fly right off!

Clean - Thoroughly clean and dry the area. Your magnets should be wiped down as well. Dirt, dust and debris seem to find their way to the back of magnets, and they will prevent proper magnetic grip.

Place - Line up the top or bottom edge of the magnet with a nearby bodyline, and gently flatten or roll the magnet onto the surface of the vehicle. Double check to make sure there are no air gaps between the magnet and the vehicle.

Now keep them there

Clean again - Dirt will find it's way BEHIND the magnets, I promise! You need to remove them periodically and clean both the magnets and the vehicle surface. Daily would be ideal, but twice a month should suffice. If you DON'T, that small amount of dirt can lead to erosion and scratched paint. Or even worse, the magnet can become STUCK to the paint.

Slow down - Vehicle magnets, when applied and cared for properly should withstand up to 65 mph speeds. If you plan on going faster than that, you should take them off first!


That's all there is to it!

Magnets are cool and convenient ways to advertise. At Coupland Signs we make tons of them. We'd love to see your magnets in action. Share em' on Facebook with us!

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