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8 Simple tips for Hanging and Caring for your Banner

Your banner is finished, rolled up and ready for your big event. How do you ensure that it looks good for years to come? Wad it up and stuff it in a closet?!


Wall mounted banner

Banners are awesome, reusable and versatile. Perfect for trade shows, expos, and promotional events. They can also be used for semi-permanent applications on job sites, or wherever. But with the wrong handling or hanging, they can be scarred, creased, or gone with the wind. Let's prevent that. Just follow these simple tips.


Storing or Transport

Roll it up - When not in use, it really needs to be rolled up (not folded). Image facing inwards, to protect the design from haphazard scratches or scuffs. The tighter the better. This reduces the chance of creases caused from crushing.

Pick it up - It's not that heavy! Please don't drag it across the parking lot on the way to your next pop-up. This could easily scratch the wonderfully hemmed borders. Not a good look.

Cool it off - Extreme heat can potentially cause the ink on a banner to soften or become tacky, which may lead to smudging or smearing if it comes in contact with other surfaces. So don't leave it in the back seat of your truck on a blazing Texas afternoon!

Hanging it up

Location - Make sure to choose a location with high traffic, and visibility, free of obstructions. Make sure there are anchor points of some kind that will facilitate hanging.

Hardware - You'll need something to hang the banner with. Bungee cords, zip-ties, hooks, rope/string, D-clips. There are many options that work well. If you intend to mount your banner semi-permanently, consider Screws with washers.

Grommets - Those little metal rings along the border are for hanging your banner. Use as many of them as you can! The more points of contact your banner has, the more secure it will be, and safer from potential tearing. And it'll look better with less wrinkles.

Secure it - The most important part is that it has proper tension. Ensure the banner is stretched taut and free from wrinkles or sagging. Adjust the tension of ropes or cords as needed to achieve a smooth, even appearance. If it's too loose, it will flap in the wind. This harsh movement can lead to rips or tears.

Maintain it - If your banner is hung in a semi-permanent location, you'll want to check on it periodically. Ensure that your hardware is not coming loose and that the banner is still suspended with proper tension. Make any necessary adjustments!


Looking good!

Banners are a great, inexpensive way to broadcast your brand. At Coupland Signs we offer standard digital printed banners, and a mesh variety. We'd love to see how you use your banners! Share some pics with us!

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